From December 1, 2018 anyone can legally fly drones in India -

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From December 1, 2018 anyone can legally fly drones in India

According to the new Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s(DGCA) drone policy From December 1, 2018 anyone can legally fly drones in India: Just want to know 12 things.
If you have all the necessary documents From December 1, 2018, flying drones has become easier.

You need Unique Identification Number (The DGCA policy defines it as a “remotely piloted aircraft, its associated remote pilot stations, command and control links, and any other components forms a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS).” These RPAs or drones all need a Unique Identification Number which has to be plastered on the drone. Along with this, the drone operator also needs an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit.) among other things for flying a drone.

Types of drones: According to the DGCA, drones can be categorized into five different types. Nano drone which is less than or equal to 250 gram. Then comes the Microdrone which is from 250gm to 2kg. The other three drone types include Small, Medium and Large which are from 2kg to 25kg, 25kg to 150kg and finally more than 150 kg respectively.

You will need the permit from DGCA to fly drones (except for Nano drones): If you have a drone which is any other than the Nano – which is basically a really tiny flying object – then you need to get an approval from DGCA. Once applied, the DGCA will grant an import clearance and only then one is actually allowed to fly drones.

A few notable exceptions: May require Police permission in some cases.
You need to be above 18 years of age(DGCA has clearly stated that a drone can only be flown by someone who is over 18 years of age.) to fly drones.

Educational qualification and training requirements: Need to be passed the class 10th exam in English.

List of documents needed.

For fly drones insurance is compulsory.

You cannot fly more than one drone at a time.

No drone can be flown within 5km of the major cities’ airports.

You can’t you fly a drone: International borders, coastline, military installations.

You can’t you fly a drone in Special areas where there’s a no-drone “sign”.

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